Knoxville City Council took steps Tuesday evening to change the timeline of the Cumberland Avenue streetscapes project.

You may recall no one bid on the two-part project back in April.

The project will add new underground utilities and improve traffic flow on a busy section of the Cumberland Avenue strip near campus. Knoxville Project Manager Anne Wallace says Tuesday's decisions extend parts to that plan.

"There are two phases of the project the first phase is scheduled from Alcoa Highway to 22nd Street and we hope to start that in December or January of this year,and that will run for approximately eight months. Phase two is scheduled to start in December of 2015 and run approximately 22 months," she explained.

Wallace says they will option phase one and two of that project together when they reopen bids.

City council also delayed a vote Tuesday on an electronic ticketing system until its next meeting.

That system would cut down on paperwork for officers and expedite the process if an officer pulled you over. If the council eventually passes it, the city will charge an additional $5 to each paid ticket to pay for the new system.