Knoxville City Council took the first steps toward changing the pension plan for city employees on Tuesday.

City council passed an ordinance on first reading to amend several parts of the pension plan.

The new plan would limit city workers from passing their pensions to children. Instead, it could only go to spouses so the city isn't shelling out pension payments for decades to the employee's children.Another amendment would add two pension board members. Both would be financial experts that do not receive a city pension.

One city employee says he understands why the city needs to make changes, and he hopes the public will provide feedback.

"You know that will be good once the citizens get in there and are a part of that. And see the level of thought and precision and decision making and the level of detail that's put into that. I think that it'll be a good thing, they'll be able to give good reports back," said Mark Taylor, president of the Fraternal Order of Police.

The plan still must be approved on second reading and several changes could come before then.

If it is approved again, it heads to the election commission for approval to appear on the November ballot.