UPDATE, JULY 19, 2017: Cleo the Australian Shepherd has a new home.

Cleo underwent extensive medical treatment after she was hit by a car and not treated for about two weeks. Cleo's former owner then surrendered her to the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley.

Now, she's healed up from her injuries and with her new family.

Cleo was adopted Tuesday by Bethany Watson and her family.

The Watsons have a fenced in yard and another rescued pup, 4-year-old Grizzly, so Cleo has plenty of room and a good buddy to play with.

Cleo already has a buddy at her new home, 4-year-old rescue golden retriever Grizzly.

Her new owners say Cleo will always walk with a limp due to her injuries, but is well on her way to recovery.

After seeing her story, the Watson family were compelled to visit the injured pup and felt an instant connection.

"It wasn't just because she's adorable," Bethany Watson said with a smile. "But with everything that she'd been through, I knew that she needed an extra special home and I knew that we could provide that. So, I just wanted to help her out. I'm a big sucker for dogs who need extra help."

Watson also said her mother-in-law's dog recently passed away and Cleo could not have come into their lives at a more perfect time.

Bethany Watson says Cleo has slept a lot since being brought home from the shelter.

PREVIOUS STORY, JULY 12, 2017: A dog that wasn't treated after a car accident is getting the help she needs, and is now ready for a new home.

Cleo the Aussie needs extensive medical care because of the two weeks she wasn't treated after being hit by a car.

Two weeks after she was hit by the car, Cleo's owner surrendered her to the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley.

Cleo was suffering from infections, a broken hip, pelvis and jaw.

HSTV started a YouCaring page to raise money for Cleo's treatment and exceeded its goal of $1,375.

HSTV gets calls about animals like Cleo every day and would like to help them all. Donations to the Medical Needs Fund can go to helping all of the animals.

Cleo underwent jaw surgery to remove the front upper jaw and tooth area that was broken and could not be reattached. According to the YouCaring page, she can now eat and prepare for her next steps.

Cleo The Aussie

The next step is to address her leg and hip issues.

“It just reminds me of the unconditional love animals have, and how fortunate we are to have them in our lives," HSTV Veterinarian Erin Doles said.

Doles is fostering Cleo at this time.

“She is very difficult not to fall in love with. She came to us even in as bad of shape as she was, waggin' her tail and still giving kisses, just as sweet as can be. It’s one of the things that keeps you going when animals come in so injured, they are so resilient," Doles said.

HSTV staff say it's time to start looking for Cleo's forever home. If you are interested in adopting her, you can contact the Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley at 865-573-9675.