We've got a #pupdate on Cleo the Aussie's story!

The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley posted the update on their Facebook page Monday in honor of #MedicalMonday. Last we heard, the Humane Society found neglected Cleo with a broken leg and jaw in a garage back in July. They took her in immediately and started looking for a forever home to care for her.

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The update is a statement from Cleo's new home! It comes from the Watson family:

They said,"Cleo is such a wonderful addition to our family. She fits right in! She loves her brother, Grizzly, and never leaves his side as you can tell. She is already super spoiled. We have been doing laser treatments on her leg and exercising her and she's using it a lot more and walking on it most of the time. She is the sweetest girl and we love her!"

The Humane Society has asked for any donations to go towards other dogs just like Cleo.