(WBIR) Powerful storms ripped through East Tennessee Tuesday night, leaving a big mess behind.

People living in Clinton found themselves dodging downed trees, dealing with power outages, and picking debris out of their yards and roads.

The National Weather Service said straight-line winds caused the damage, and officials don't plan a tornado investigation.

One family lost their business, after the winds knocked off the roof and knocked in the walls of Passtime Garage.

Dustin Byrd stepped out just minutes before it happened.

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"Soon as I turned around to look back at the shop, it was in pieces," he said. "I came in to make sure everyone was ok."

Everyone was not ok. Two employees were inside at the time of the storm, one of them is the son of owner Russ Tilley.

"My son (David) and John were working under this van," Tilley explained, as he picked through the concrete rubble. "And when it started coming down on harem, John was holding the back of the van and he ended up crawling out. David drove over here and ended up under this beam."

Both men were taken to the hospital with a bad bonk on the head, but they are expected to be ok.

With his son's life spared, Tilley could finally catch his breath. He even found a reason to giggle: when the wind busted his business's roof, it left the name "Passtime" without its first letter, "P."

Tilley lauded off the unfortunate new signage as his neighbors stopped by to take pictures.

"Insurance will take care of it," he said. "Everybody's ok, that's all we care about."

A few blocks away, the historic Hoskins Drug Store lost its sign, too. The storms left the decades-old signage hanging without strong support. The owners had it removed, in order to protect people walking on the street below.