With the devastation and heartbreak in Houston, we have also seen an outpouring of love and support for our neighbors in the Lone Star State. In this commentary, WBIR 10 anchor Russell Biven tells us, that despite our differences, this is the real picture of who we are as a nation.

This is the America I know.

A place where we leave politics at the doorstep of humanity and bias at the welcome mat of compassion.

A place where the sorrow of strangers and needs of our neighbors move us to action.

Maybe it's a prayer for healing and mercy. Maybe it's a donation of dollars or diapers. Maybe, it's hauling a fishing boat hundreds of miles through the dead of night to extend a hand of hope.

That's the America I know.

A place where common ground isn't as uncommon as some might lead us to believe.

Where life becomes less about me and more about you.

A place where we realize if we're not living for others, we're really not living at all.

A place united.

This is the America I know.