Dudley was known as a friendly steer who lived at the Gentle Barn for two years.

His memorial was held in West Knoxville Sunday evening.

Dozens of people from the community came out to show their support.

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"His impact is astounding," co-founder of the Gentle Barn Ellie Laks said. "It reached literally around the world. We have gotten hundreds of emails and messages from New Zealand and Romania and Singapore."

Dudley was considered one of the most beloved members of the Gentle Barn. He married another rescue cow in June 2016. That marriage ceremony brought hundreds of East Tennesseans together.

"Watching his joy, his personality, and his sense of humor, and his resilience, has meant something to people, and it's inspired people," Laks said.

The Gentle Barn first took Dudley in two years ago. He had grown up at a slaughter house and lost his foot. After spending five months at The University of Tennessee's Animal Hospital, he had multiple surgeries on his leg to prepare the limb for a prosthesis, according to the Gentle Barn website.

Dudley passed away from a ruptured ulcer in his stomach. Surgeons could not operate to repair his stomach.