One West Knoxville couple credits the blizzard of 1993 as the force that brought them together.

It's still remembered as the "storm of the century."

The blizzard brought 15 inches of heavy, wet snow to Knoxville. Many areas, especially near the mountains, saw even more. The snow started falling March 12 and continued most of the next day.

"Anytime there is a prediction of snow, she'll ask me, 'do you think it's going to snow?' and I'll say, 'ah, it never snows,'" Dave Wells said.

That was the question that first broke the ice.

On the eve of the blizzard, Stephanie Stilp was just meeting her neighbor, Dave Wells.

"It was all of these things that kind of pointed us in the direction of each other and it was that blizzard that brought us together," Wells said.

The two near-strangers lived in the same West Knoxville apartment building and their paths kept crossing. When snow starting falling, Dave decided to make his move.

"I worked up enough courage to call her up. I looked up her number in the phone book and said, 'hey, this is the guy you talked to on Friday. I work at Travelers with you and we live in the same apartment complex, so I thought I'd invite you over to have dinner with me and my roommate," he said.

Snowed in with nowhere to go, Stephanie and her sister, Jacque, decided to take Dave up on his offer.

"We were scrounging though our cabinets thinking 'what can we make for dessert? We had enough stuff to make peanut butter cookies,'" Stephanie said.

Dave trudged through the snow to the grocery store and to pick up a movie. Little did he know, he picked Stephanie's favorite.

"We sat around and ate chili and watched 'Gone with the Wind' and it was our first date," he said.

From that day forward, the rest was history. A couple years later, Dave and Stephanie tied the knot and now they have two teenage sons who are no strangers to their parents' love story.

"Yeah, I've heard it a lot," their son Michael said.

But, for Dave and Stephanie Wells the story and the memories never get old.