A West Knoxville couple wants to be sure their neighbors know that coyotes are lurking about.

State wildlife officials have acknowledged for years that the typically shy animals, related to the gray wolf, do in fact live in East Tennessee.

Still, their presence can be startling to homeowners.

Chuck and Lisa Montgomery got quite a surprise Tuesday afternoon in their Kingston Woods neighborhood. They saw coyotes in the backyard in broad daylight.

Lisa snapped some photos.

"I thought they were dogs, but it was not. It was coyotes," she said.

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The Montgomerys say they've got three dogs and the animals live mostly indoors. Coyotes are known to look for food opportunities, such as pets, chickens and rabbits.

The couple posted pictures of the coyotes on social media so their neighbors will know to watch out.

Wildlife experts offer tips on dealing with coyotes in the city.

*First, do not feed them. They will lose their natural fears and may become dangerous

*Get rid of water sources if possible because those attract what coyotes like to prey on.

*Don't leave trash cans out the night before pick-up. Those are something coyotes can scavenge.

*Feed your pets indoors.