Eastbound drivers on a heavily traveled section of Cumberland Avenue are about to see a lane shift.

Crews will reroute eastbound traffic 13 feet to the south from 22nd to 19th streets.

The lane shift is scheduled to be in place by 6 a.m. Monday, according to the city of Knoxville.

Moving drivers over will allow for the construction of raised concrete medians in the middle of Cumberland, part of an ongoing $17 million renovation. Cumberland is being redesigned from four lanes to one lane in each direction with designated center turning points.

Work on the Strip began in 2015. It's been progressing from west to east, with road construction already completed from Alcoa Highway east to 22nd Street.

The project includes landscaping, streetscaping, street lights and brickwork. Passersby can already see what that looks like on the north side of Cumberland, and the south side also is beginning to take shape.

Utilities also have been relocated as part of the project.

Medians in the middle of the street will help with traffic flow and also serve as islands for pedestrians as they cross the street.

According to the city, controlling left-turning traffic on Cumberland will improve traffic flow and cut down on crashes involving vehicles trying to cross onto a side street.

The entire project is within budget and should be substantially done in August 2017, according to the city.