One father in Knox County is using the heartbreak of his son's overdose death to make a difference in East Knoxville.

Ira Grimes lost his 26-year-old son Keenan Grimes to a drug overdose on May 1.

"Oh, Keenan was a loving, smiling, silly kid," Grimes said. "He was very outgoing and silly, and he loved living life. He lived it to the fullest."

Grimes officially opened the Keenan Grimes Community Outreach Center last Saturday. It will serve as a place for people in the community to go if they are struggling with opioid, drug and other addiction problems.

"Leave with some information and a lot of love and hope knowing that ... somebody cares about their life, and there are places they can go and get help," Grimes said.

Grimes said he already had the building at 2461 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., but Keenan's death made him realize he could use it for a bigger purpose.

"Yes, I have a greater purpose, yes, and I know my son is just smiling in Heaven," he said.

The center is in the middle of the East Knoxville community, and Grimes said it's an area that badly needs a place for people to go if they are struggling.

"There's all kind of facilities you can go outside of the neighborhood, but in the heart of it, where can you go?" he said.

While the center is focused on helping those struggling with addiction, Grimes said he also hopes to create a community support system for others who have also experienced a significant loss.

"It just helps me at the end of the day sleep," Grimes said. "You know, knowing that I did something to help someone change their life."

A sign outside the building says the center's hours are flexible and everyone is welcome.