In a life-saving test, could you escape your home in under a minute?

The Knoxville Fire Department put one family to the test Thursday afternoon during fire prevention week.

113 people died in Tennessee fires last year. Authorities have so far recorded 64 fire related deaths this year.
Experts said having an escape plan is key.

It took the Hinkle family about 26 seconds to safely get out of their house out.

"They know if anything was to go on if they are upstairs then they come to the backdoor which he knows how to unlock if he needs to. He knows he's not supposed to unless it's an emergency," Chris Hinkle said.

Chris is a firefighter and taught his boys the importance of having an evacuation plan.

"We try to be safe but accidents do happen and if so we need to know what to do to be ready for it," Hinkle added.

Their plan doesn't involve grabbing anything but themselves.

"Everything else can be replaced," he said.

Chris said it's important for people to leave their stuff behind because nothing can replace your life.

"Grab the kids and go it doesn't matter. That's why you have insurance. Everything else can be taken care of we will be fine as long as we are all there," Hinkle said.

The Knoxville Fire Department said it's important to get out as fast as possible because a fire can double in size in a little more than 30 seconds.

"You've got man-made items, a lot of polyester, that will ignite and burn at a faster rate," Captain DJ Corcoran said about the inside of homes.

Corcoran said you also need to know what areas of your home could be vulnerable.

"Anything that plugs in has the potential of starting a fire," Corcoran said.

He added it's important to talk with your family and come up with a plan everyone can understand.