The dogs were out splashing around in Farragut Saturday afternoon. That's part of the Smoky Mountain DockDogs aquatics competition.

About 40 competitors went up against each other to see who qualifies for the world championships.

"I didn't know it would be this big," Alex Foulds, one of the competitors, said. "I was pretty stage-fright, but Darcy-- she was in for it."

Darcy is Alex's dog. She was making a big splash of her own at the event.

"Darcy just seems to enjoy it too much. She's always got a little smile on her face." Foulds said.

The final rounds will start Sunday as well as rewards. The world championships will be held from Oct. 25 through 29.

According to a release from DockDogs, First Utility District supplied over 27,000 gallons of fresh Tennessee River water to fill the pool this weekend.

If any of your pups want to participate, you can get in contact with Smoky Mountain DockDogs here.