On Saturday, thousands of people will descend upon downtown Knoxville for several annual events, including Brewfest, Knox PrideFest, Bark in the Park and the Big Kahuna Wing Festival.

"It's crazy to think that Knoxville can have so much going on," said Brewfest organizer Matt McMillan.

McMillan is preparing for the 7th annual Brewfest, which will feature 300 craft beers from 80 different breweries across the region. The event, located on the 700 Block of Gay Street, raises money for CureDuchenne.

"We'll have some food, we'll have some beer, we'll have music on the stage," McMillan said.

With highs expected to reach almost 90 degrees, doctors are reminding families to keep safe in the heat.

"So far we've been fairly lucky that we haven't gotten to such high numbers, we haven't seen as many heat stroke as we can typically see,” said Dr. Ann Barnett, an emergency medical physician at UT Medical Center.

Barnett said so far this year, heat-related incidents have not spiked as the weather has gotten warmer. But as hundreds prepare to descend upon downtown -- including many consuming alcohol and beer – she is issuing a reminder.

"You need to make sure that you're maintaining your hydration,” she said. “When people stop sweating, it's actually much more alarming than when they are sweating. You need to make sure that you're able to get in the shade, able to get yourself into cooler temperatures.”