UPDATE: The Young-Williams Animal Center has said they're waiting for blood tests to come back from UT Veterinary Medical Center before movement on the dog units and dog adoption floor picks back up.

The incubation period for Parvovirus is normally 7 to 14 days.

The shelter said a puppy came in sick and although it was vaccinated upon intake, it didn't show symptomos of being sick until days later.

While this is an isolated incident, the shelter is taking it as an opportunity to remind pet owners to vaccinate their pets to prevent this from happening.

Once the results come back on the rest of the dogs, the center will decide what treatment options to take, if they're needed.

After the shelter exhausted all options, they ended up having to euthanize the puppy with Parvo.

The puppy was in play groups with five other dogs. Those dogs are being monitored to make sure they're okay, according to the Young-Williams Animal Center.

ORIGINAL STORY: Dog adoption services at Young-Williams Animal Center and Young-Williams Animal Village were canceled for the remainder of the day Wednesday after a puppy tested positive for Parvovirus.

The dogs and puppies will undergo medical testing for possible Parvovirus the rest of the day

In addition, comprehensive cleaning again will be conducted.

Young-Williams Animal Center said they take every available precaution for the safety of the animals.

The shelter’s intake process includes vaccinations for the Parvovirus, among other vaccinations.