(WBIR) Alcohol use not marijuana is more likely to lead to violence between partners, according to a new University of Tennessee studies.

Student researchers found that men under the influence of alcohol are more like to physically, sexually, or mentally abuse their partners than men high on marijuana. Women were also more likely to be physically and mentally aggressive while drinking. But unlike men, women were also more likely to be psychologically aggressive while high on marijuana.

The study's goal was to find a link between alcohol and marijuana use and the potential for physical, psychological and sexual violence against partners. UT said this is among the first studies to investigate the timing of alcohol and marijuana use and intimate partner violence in college students.

Male and female college students who participated in the study had been a relationship for at least a month. The partners involved must have had two days of face-to-face contact and had consumed alcohol the previous month. The participants then completed an online diary once a day for 90 days.