Boomsday is free once again.

Organizers announced Friday that Neyland Drive would now be open to the public for this year's Labor Day celebration.

Visit Knoxville said it had to revert its plans to previous years because the Tennessee Department of Transportation said Neyland Drive can't be blocked off. Since it's a state highway, Neyland Drive has to be open to pedestrians, according to TDOT.

"When you put a fence up to purchase the tickets, that restricts the access," said Kim Bumpas, president of Visit Knoxville. "So to be compliant, we're not going to do that."

Initially, organizers had planned to charge people $20 for VIP tickets to watch the 2014 show from Neyland Drive, see special concerts, and take part in activities. Bumpas then said ticket sales were necessary to take Boomsday to the next level. On Friday, Bumpas said the city will continue to improve the event.

Originally country music star Rodney Atkins was supposed to perform on Neyland Drive in the VIP section. Now, Atkins's concert has been moved to Thompson-Boiling Arena after the fireworks show. That concert will cost $20. People can watch all the other groups, including Fairview Union, Sweetwater Rain and Native Run, for free on Neyland Drive.

"We really appreciate their investment thus far, and hope they could still keep their ticket and go to the concert, enjoy all there is to offer -- but we will have options for them," she added.

Last month, Visit Knoxville started selling tickets to Boomsday. In all, people purchased about 5,500 tickets. Organizers said people who bought tickets can get a refund or use them for the Rodney Atkins concert after the fireworks show.

Boomsday will be on Saturday, August 30.

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