(WBIR) Crews started to install new parking meters in downtown Knoxville that use credit and debit cards along with change.

On Monday, the city began installing the housing for the 12 new parking meters on Market Street. Later this week, the city will install solar powered meters, a feature engineers believe will make the meters more reliable.

The 12 new meters will continue to offer short-term parking for up to one hour, but the city hopes the meters will make parking more convenient.

"What the credit card actually does is give the customer a much more convenient way of paying for their space," said Jeff Branham, with the City of Knoxville. "Instead of having to look up and seeing if you have seven dimes and three nickels, you simply stick your credit card in there just like you would if you're buying groceries."

The city plans to eventually replace all 1,400 meters in the city with new credit card meters, a $1.5 million project.