ID=5374489Crews are hard at work on the UT campus, tearing down two iconic buildings.

Workers have started demolishing Gibbs Hall, a former residence hall that once housed student athletes.

Officials hope to have that work finished by the end of March, and being putting up the foundations on a new nine-story dorm this summer. When it's finished, the new dorm building will be unlike any other currently on campus.

"We're going to have living learning rooms so that we have classrooms in the building. That will be new. We'll also have a Starbucks on the corner of Volunteer and Lake Loudoun for the campus community, some outdoor dining facilities. So a much more interactive building, much more in how it contributes to the campus than what Gibbs is currently," said Dave Irvin, UT Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities.

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Next door, crews are doing asbestos removal inside Stokely Athletic Center. That work is expected to last until April, when demolition of the building will begin. Officials hope to have that work finished in June.

The building will be replaced with a new football practice field and a five-story parking garage. Officials say right now the project is going smoothly and the work is under budget and ahead of schedule.