ID=6636513Two iconic UT buildings are in the process of being demolished, but more interesting is who's responsible for tearing them down.

Former varsity UT basketball player David Cockrill played under the coaching legend Ray Mears during the mid to late '70s. Now, Cockrill's company, Red Chair Architects, is overseeing the demolition of the Stokely Athlectic Center and Gibbs Hall.

Wednesday was the first time Cockrill re-entered the UT buildings since graduating in 1980.

"Some of the other ball players know we have this contract to bring it down and I sort of quipped to them I said, 'When I was a player I never brought the house down, but now as an architect I'm getting to bring the house down.' It's kind of ironic, but it's fun," laughed Cockrill.

UT's goal is to have Stokely and Gibbs removed by this summer. Plans call for a 1,000 space parking garage to be built in its place. Construction is expected to be complete by next summer.

There are also plans to build a new residence hall with a dining facility, and expand Haslam Field to add more football practice areas.