ID=8980675KUB hosted an open meeting Monday to discuss a multi-million dollar project to replace downtown Knoxville's water lines.

Beginning in July, crews will remove cast iron piping and replace it with ductile iron. The new material should help the pipes last longer.

Back in April, a large water main broke, forcing several streets and businesses to close. That pipe was made in 1927.

Organizers say the new pipes should last longer.

"It will provide a reliable service to our customer for several years to come. Our pipes that we should be replacing will last anywhere from 50 to 100 years; usually about 50 years for waste water lines and 75 to 100 years for water lines. So the customers will have better service for the next 100 years," said Mark Rauhuff, water systems engineering manager.

Construction is expected to begin in July and finish in the fall of 2015.