After hearing the tragic news that Pat Summitt, legendary former head coach of the Lady Vols, is struggling in her battle with Alzheimer's disease, many people stopped by her statue at the University of Tennessee Sunday.

People left behind flowers and a note and offered up a few prayers to support Summitt through this difficult time.

Abby and Caitlin McWilliams from Columbus, Ohio, were already planning on visiting Summitt's statue before they found out her health was declining. They said Summitt has been an inspiration to them since they were young.

"Even with us being from out of state, she does impact everyone from all over," said one sister.

The McWilliams' now visit the monument every time they visit Knoxville because Summitt has made a lasting impact in their lives.

"I remember being in fourth grade and thinking I want to play for her, even though I've played basketball for two years maybe. But I wanted to come here to this school and play for her," Abby said. "Even though I never played in high school or anything, it kind of hits home, like that's the impact she had on me in Columbus, Ohio."

Giving up has never been on Summitt's radar and through this tough time her fans are joining her in her fight against Alzheimer's.