ID=10105795(WBIR) An investigation into Jenny Wright, former University of Tennessee director of student judicial affairs, found no evidence to support widespread allegations that she engaged in inappropriate relationships with student athletes, according to a 28-page investigation report UT released Friday.

A student athlete claimed that he and Wright had a sexual relationship. He went on to say that Wright had sexual relationships with with a number of UT football players, but the university said an investigation didn't find any evidence to support those accusations.

The university released the report more than a year after it fired Wright for refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

Jenny Wright's attorneys Dan Channing Stanley and Robert R. Kurtz sent WBIR a statement Friday. They said Wright is relieved UT finally concluded its 13 months investigation.

"For more than a year, Ms. Wright has had to endure constant public scrutiny and embarrassment," Wright's attorneys wrote in a statement. "Although the individuals who made these false allegations temporarily succeeded in an effort to tarnish Ms. Wright's impeccable reputation and work ethic, the University's Report conclusively finds that these allegations are completely unsubstantiated."

The report, conducted by the Kramer Rayson Law Firm, noted that Wright was romantically involved with Brad Pendergrass, then-UT director of football operations. Pendgergrass resigned from his position in February.

Their reported relationship violated a university rule that student life employees shouldn't date students, coaches or assistant coaches. Tim Rodgers, former UT student life vice chancellor, made that rule and even warned Wright not to have relationships that would "raise any appearance of impropriety or conflict of interest."

Several people interviewed during the investigation said Wright also had relationship with an assistant football coach. One person said Wright told her about her relationship with Terry Joseph while he was an assistant football coach at UT. Joseph denied that allegation, but later declined to participate in the investigation, according the the report.

The investigation report said the university should develop a written departmental policy that outline which relationships are prohibited.

WBIR 10News reviewed Wright's personal file last May, which showed a history of high-scoring performance reviews. The most recent showed that Wright received almost all fives, which mean "consistently exceeds expectations." Wright was responsible for investigating and processing cases of student misconduct, including misconduct of student athletes.