You may have noticed more creepy crawlers in and around your home. From your every day wolf spider to black widows, there is spike in the spider population.

Experts say because we have seen more rain lately, we are noticing more spiders in our gardens, in our window sills, and sometimes in our homes.

"Going into the fall we get a lot of spiders moving up on the houses. And people start turning lights on earlier. It's getting darker earlier. So the spiders will come up on the houses a little more," said Kenny Campbell with Dayton's Pest Control.

Two very poisonous spiders are among these spiders: the black widow and the brown recluse. Black widows often are found in damp areas outdoors, while the brown recluse will stay indoors.

Campbell said the brown recluse can come in through shipments.

"One of the homes we took care of ordered a lot of violins out of Kansas. She was a music instructor. So they shipped all of these in and they were in the boxes so their basement was covered with them and they were all over the house," said Campbell.

If people are seeing these spiders in their home, it is because they have something the spiders are looking for. One reason these spiders grow in population is because the wet weather brings out more insects they prey on.So you need to keep a look out for them.

"So just be cautious and be careful. If you know you have them, shake out sheets and shoes. Don't leave stuff on the floor, shirts and pants and then put them on. And hang stuff up," said Neal Denton with UT Extension.

These spiders actually are pretty useful if they stay outdoors.

"They are one of the few things that actually seems to catch stink bugs. If you have some problems with stink bugs at your home, leaving up some spider webs may be a good idea," said Denton.

When you are bitten and you are concerned this bite came from a brown recluse or a black widow, try to go to the hospital immediately. If you can, bring the spider with you. That way, they can test it in the lab and have a better idea about the bite.