ID=13259729(WBIR) Crews worked until 5 a.m. Monday, cleaning up storm damage in downtown Knoxville. Sunday's storms knocked over construction equipment and even ripped bricks off buildings.

The most significant damage happened on the 400 block of Gay Street just south of Summit Hill. Strong winds brought down an awning, scaffolding and a temporary, wooden walkway, which was built to protect pedestrians while crews worked on the J.C. Penny building.

ID=13258263Knoxville firefighters said fortunately no one was hurt.

Russ Mayer, a manager with the Downtown Grill and Brewery, said some of the construction equipment fell on top of a car. Meyer said no one was inside the car at the time.

ID=13258079The damage temporarily shut down Gay Street as firefighters worked to clear the rubble. Just a couple blocks away in the Old City, the storm blew bricks off buildings.

There's no word on whether any of those buildings suffered internal damage.