(WBIR-Knoxville) The University of Tennessee is warning students and staff about a sexual assault on campus. It's the second reported sexual assault at UT in a week.

The most recent happened Sunday in the Alumni Memorial Building next to Neyland Stadium.

The victim told police she entered the building with an unknown man who attacked her. She used a chemical spray to get away from the attacker. UT Police think the sexual assault occurred between 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the kickoff time for the UT vs. Utah State game.

The Alumni Memorial Building is typically locked on a game day.

"Most of these buildings are pretty old and I would guess that some of them, if you try hard enough, you can get in," UT Police Chief Troy Lane said.

Chief Lane said the university is up one reported sexual assault from this time last year but down two from two years ago. According to the Clery report, there have been five reported sexual assaults on campus within the last year.

"This is going to sound silly but I would tend to be encouraged to see those numbers rise. We know that sexual assault is a very under reported crime," he said.

On August 24, a female student reported being sexually assaulted in her residence hall.

In both cases, the victims did not pursue charges. UT said it is important to report the crimes.

"First and foremost the students are the reason we're here and we care about them and we want them to come forward and provide us this information. Even if in the end they don't want to talk to the police, we need to know about it to keep it from happening to somebody else," Chief Lane said.

The university has a new interim policy that went into effect at the beginning of the semester to protect people on campus from sexual assault. The policy outlines prohibited behaviors and ways to report sex abuse on campus.

"I wouldn't be scared going places but it is like sort of in the back of my mind that that is a thing that could happen," said Audrey Parker, a UT freshman.

UT Senior Brandon Chrisman added, "This place is huge. There are a lot of buildings. There's a lot of dark corners and stuff so I can see how stuff like that happens."

Chief Lane said they are still investigating the Sunday attack.

The victim described the man as white, about 5 ft. 6 in. tall, weighing 150 lbs. with brown curly hair to his shoulders. He was wearing white khaki shorts and an orange pullover.

Anyone with information should contact UT Police at 865-974-3114.