ID=15095555Knoxville Police have arrested a man they believe burglarized several boats in the Vol Navy.

Investigators spent Thursday looking for evidence on board the boats, and identified Mark Anthony Ellis, 37, as a suspect. He was arrested around 10 p.m. KPD said Ellis has lived in both Knoxville and Oak Ridge, but may be homeless right now.

The boats are anchored along Neyland Drive. On Wednesday, items were stolen off at least three of them, including electronics, clothes, and alcohol.

KPD said Ellis will be charged with burglary, with other charges expected.

Jeff See is one of the boat owners who have been victimized.

He said, "We lost some alcohol and some small devices."

See said about four flat screen TVs, a stereo system, and alcohol were stolen from another boat.

See said some Vol Navy members typically leave their boats docked if the University of Tennessee has at least two consecutive home football games. The group, which plans to be more vigilant, hopes the crime doesn't deter other boaters from joining them on the water to support the Vols.