(WBIR - Knoxville) Neyland Stadium will be empty on Saturday. The Vols will not take to their field or anyone else's field, as they have a bye weekend. That not only means no one will be sitting in the stadium seat, but it also means fewer people will be sitting in the seats at many East Tennessee businesses.

Kersty Boll, a bartender for Cool Beans Bar & Grill, said, "We expect a lot of kids to go home for the weekend so we probably won't be quite as busy as we usually are."

Bolls said when the Vols are rushing on he field, many people are rushing to the Lake Avenue business for a seat to watch the game. Bolls said on game days, the bar and grill is usually jam-packed with customers. This weekend Cool Beans is expected to be busy, but not as busy.

"It has its perks and its negatives. Obviously this isn't going to be one of the big money weekends, but it is nice since you're on your feet from Friday morning to Sunday after the Sunday games are over. So it will be kind of nice to have a weekend to just kind of relax a little bit and recuperate," said Bolls.

It's the same story for Mellow Mushroom on The Strip, another popular place for Vols fans on game days.

Assistant General Manager, Amanda Burkey, said, "We will be busy, but it's going to be nothing like on a home game."

Burkey said the Mellow Mushroom's tables are usually filled on Saturdays. They too are anticipating fewer customers this weekend, which means fewer hours for the staff. But Mellow Mushroom is hoping their weekend special will bring more people through the door.

Burkey explained, "On Saturdays we have a small $5 cheese pizza special, so that brings a lot of people in. But this is our first off week so we really don't have anything to go off of yet."

While both Mellow Mushroom and Cool Beans Bar and Grill expect to bring in less dough on this UT bye weekend, each said the break will give them time for some needed maintenance to ensure those sitting in the seats at the businesses will have a great time watching the Vols back on the field.

The Vols will return to the field Saturday, October 19, 2013 to take on the South Carolina Gamecocks. Kick-off is at 12:00 p.m. at Neyland Stadium.