A local driving school is expanding to help more students learn the basics behind the wheel. Drive 4 Life Academy opened its new location in Alcoa last week.

A new class of young drivers started their classroom training Monday. They'll do 30 hours in the classroom, then spend another six hours training behind the wheel.

One thing instructors say has changed for driving students in the last few years is how you hold the wheel.

"The old standard of 10 and 2 on the steering wheel is now more 9 and 3 with the adding of the airbag. With airbags being inside the steering wheel if you're at 10 and 2, your hands will be blown off the wheel and unable to control the vehicle," said John Sievers.

Instructors also stress that driving courses and good grades can help parents save on car insurance.

Drive 4 Life Academy's main campus is in West Knoxville.