Across Knoxville, Spring is in bloom. And for allergists like Dr. Bob Overholt, that means business is picking up.

“We're already seeing pollen in the air, that causes itchy eyes, itchy nose and sneezing fits,” said Overholt.

That’s one more concern for families across Knoxville that are recovering from a cold and flu season that shut down classrooms across East Tennessee.

For the team at Mac's Pharmacy, the flow of customers in need hasn't slowed down.

"We've had a lot of cough and cold a lot of sinus infection a few of the stomach bug patients come in,” said pharmacist Kristi Summers.

Summers said this year's flu vaccine was a good one, so the number of people catching the flu has been down compared to years past. But there are symptoms you need to be aware of.

"If you're having the body aches, running a fever and it doesn't really seem to be going away, that may be a sign you need to get in and see your doctor,” Summers said.

As symptoms become worse, it's important to limit your exposure to other people.

"If you have a fever it's probably best to not be around other people, maybe stay home and get that checked out,” said Summers.

As those blooms become blossoms, allergy sufferers may see a spike in their symptoms. But there is action you can take now to limit how bad it's going to be.

"If you'll take an antihistamine on a regular basis and if you'll use an intranasal cortisone spray that will keep the symptoms from becoming violent,” said Overholt.

If you need medicine -- be sure to consult a medical professional to ensure that medication won't interfere with anything else you're already taking.