Bands from East Tennessee are preparing for a trip to Hawaii to perform in honor of the 75th commemoration of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Carson-Newman University jazz band began its trip at 3 a.m. Friday by heading to Atlanta. From there, they'll continue on to Oahu, where they will spend eight days to mark 75 years since Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor.

Their show is a mix of hits from that era to celebrate history.

These students have been honoring vets through their work this fall, including showcasing World War II veterans during a halftime show.

“It's been great to get their experiences and learn through what they've seen,” said junior Emily Carr.

In addition to sun and surf, they're excited to experience history in person.

"We'll be performing a concert at Pearl Harbor and then going out on a Navy launch to visit the Arizona Memorial where we will lay a wreath and that'll be the most sobering part of the trip,” said CNU Band Director Pat Bivens.

Powell High School's marching band is also taking part in the 75th commemoration.

They're leaving for Hawaii next week to pay their respects to Americans killed in the Sunday morning surprise attack.

"Our show this year was called, 'The Call' it's about someone who was inspired to join the military after the invasion at Pearl Harbor,” explained Band Director Richard Shaw.

With a number of shows in historic venues, practice time becomes more and more valuable.

"We’re doing two outdoor concerts one at the Arizona visitors center and one at the USS Missouri where the treaty to end the war was signed,” Shaw said.

They're excited - not only for the trip but to thank the veterans who fought to preserve our freedom.