If you can dream it, Jason Varney can build it.

It’s the motto of the brand new show “Docked Out” on the DIY network where a team transforms docks into the ultimate outdoor spaces.

"We are doing stuff I have never, ever seen or thought I would build,” said Varney.

The marine contractor has had a love of the water his entire life.

“We were raised really close to water, subdivision that bordered it," said Varney. “Every day, we rode our bikes down and fished, and I bought a little boat when I was 12 and from that point on I was hooked."

His passion is now a family business specializing in lakeside living.

“My oldest son helps me run it, my youngest son draws the drawings, and my wife helps me with the customers and organize everything,” said Varney.

The company Dock & Deck grabbed the attention of the DIY network, and now their creative builds are the focus of a brand new show.

“Retractable hammocks, slides form the top, watersides, some house a plane,” described Varney.

Each episode shows a dock start to finish; meeting the customer, drawing the plans and construction.

Plus, the challenges that come with it.

“The weather, material deliver, we deal with subs, all aspects of our employees, and break downs with equipment,” said Varney.

With gorgeous scenery and beautiful lake front properties, East Tennessee is the perfect place for the shows first season.

Water covers more than 220-thousand acres of the area, making it a huge draw for tourism.

“Knoxville's based on the water, anywhere in Knoxville you go there's a lake or reservoir it borders,” said Varney. “It’s something that needs to be showcased.”

Rain or shine, they are excited to share their passion and hometown on a national stage.

The first episode of “Docked Out” airs May 1st at 9 p.m. on the DIY network.