East Tennesseans are getting ready for Sunday's winter weather.

Shoppers packed the registers at the Kroger in Fountain City Saturday afternoon.

The store had to open all its registers to accommodate customers.

Store managers say shoppers are trying to stock up on the essentials before rain, snow, and temperatures in the single digits.

Amanda Morgan, a Kroger manager, said some of the big sellers are milk, bread, eggs, and ingredients for soup and chili.

Customers say it's all about making sure they are prepared for the worst.

"We're originally from Florida," said shopper Shirley Haynes. She said her experience with hurricanes is helping her prepare for winter weather. "We came here ready for snow storms. We know how to prepare. We know it means everything especially with power outages."

Knoxville city crews pre-treated roads Saturday with salt to get them ready. They hope pre-treating will help them cut down on slick spots.

TDOT crews will be on the roads Sunday for more treatment.