Thousands of people are in Sweetwater, Tennessee to experience the total solar eclipse.

The town of 6,500 is expected to welcome 50,000. Many of those visitors are from beyond state lines.

WBIR placed a world map in Sweetwater, allowing visitors to pin their original location. We learned that Darren Strange and Ellen Davnall traveled all the way from the U.K., and they think Sweetwater was the perfect fit for their trip.

“It’s just beautiful, lovely classic, small American town,” said Davnall.

John Cater also traveled across the pond.

“It’s nice to have the atmosphere and the local people, and the visitors to talk to,” Cater said.

Susan and Buford Fogarty drove close to 17 hours from their home in Colorado. While they have family nearby, they too were drawn to the small town atmosphere.

“The restaurants are cool, the antique shops. Everyone is just cool here,” said Fogarty.

Some people planned in advance, while others hopped in the car with an unknown destination.

We met visitors from California, Kentucky, New York, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida. Plus people from the countries of Guam, Philippines, and Italy.