The presidential campaigns and outside groups backing them are on track to spend $100 million on ads in the final week before the election.

With so much money being poured into winning your vote, Fulton High School teacher Steve Morrell decided it was worth studying.

In the weeks leading up to the election, Morrell has used the Trump and Clinton campaign logos to teach his graphic design students about branding.

"We didn't go into a platform or party, it's all about design and branding," said Morrell.

Morrell decided the best way to get his class engaged was to have them create their own campaign brands.

He had the students chose an office to run for and create a billboard, bumper sticker and yard sign with a professional photo and logo on each. They put their skills learned in Photoshop and the photography design lab to use.

"You're learning, but you're also having fun," said sophomore Shataura Payne.

Morrell is impressed with their finished products and even more with those who took the initiative to learn the programs on their own.

"They're learning how to solve problems and figure things out themselves," Morrell said. "They're learning branding, photography, logo design, continuity and branding across multiple media projects."

Junior James Edwards said he is also getting insight into what all goes into creating a campaign brand. He took inspiration from his design from Hillary's "H" logo.

"They've both done a good job making sure you know who the logo is about," Edwards said.

None of the students in the class will be old enough to vote in the election this year, though many wish they could.