The creation of the new Gibbs and Hardin Valley Middle Schools will soon trigger an attendance shuffle.

Knox County school board leaders all approved rezoning plans for the two new schools Wednesday, which will also affect six existing middle schools: Farragut, Karns, Vine, Holston, South-Doyle and Carter.

Gibbs is expected to take in approximately 500 students and Hardin Valley is expected to open with around 875 students.

MAPS: View the rezoning plan approved by the Knox County Board of Education

Most schools will see enrollment decrease by a few hundred students, but Vine Middle will see an increase of about 200 students, and Karns will see its enrollment drop by nearly 600 students after the rezoning.

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The plan will allow some students to stay at their current school when the new schools open in 2018. The "grandfathering" provision will allow rising eight grade students and their siblings to apply for a "grandfathering transfer" back to their original school if they are rezoned. Parents of those students would have to provide their own transportation to and from school if approved.

Applications for that exception are due in February 2018.