On August 11, Knox County students will be getting ready for their first day of class.

Teachers have spent the summer getting ready, including focusing on common core standards.

A luncheon Friday honored Knox County's newest teachers, some new to the district and some getting their first experience out of college.

One thing they all have in common is preparing for new students and teaching Common Core standards. The luncheon hope to show new teachers it's ok to struggle and how to ask for support in a new school district.

"The first year is very challenging. We need to be there to support them and provide them with a mentor in their building, to let them know they have someone to go to ask questions when they don't have all the answers," explained Knox County Human Resources Officer Kathy Sims.

One thing new teachers say they're prepared for is teaching to the Common Core standards.

"Honestly, I got a ton of preparation in my college classes. We had to plan lessons and we had to teach and through my residences we also had to practice and to teach and with that we had to use the common core standards. So with that, I think the best way to prepare for that is to actually use the standards yourself and to actually make those lessons happen," first year teacher Jackie Davis explained.

"We got to training, there's lots of resources online," said first year teacher Anna Beth Cunningham.

For experienced teachers, Common Core is a different challenge.

"Making sure that we raise the rigor of our curriculum, a lot of teachers are worried about if their classes are rigorous enough, that the expectations are high enough, and that children do develop those problem solving skills that maybe they've been weak on in the past," explained math teacher Mary Bienko.

Bienko, like many teachers, spends her summers studying and working out her classroom strategies to stay ahead of the curve, meaning she's ready for the upcoming school year and those down the road.

"The education world is constantly changing, whether it be different teaching styles, or even software programs, technology."