(WBIR-Knoxville) The 2014 TCAP results have been released county-by-county, and results show Knox County had mostly flat results compared to years past.

"We are given the designation of 'achieved' not 'exemplary,'" Dr. Jim McIntyre said shortly after those results were released.

Results show the system achieved seven of the 11 goals that the state designated for them, including seventh grade math, high school algebra I & II, and high school English 10 & 11. Last year, nine of the 11 goals were met.

"We're used to the last few years where we've seen pretty significant increases in student achievement and proficiency, and so this year, it's pretty flat," McIntyre added.

Over the next year, there will be a renewed focus on early reading skills to help students get back on track. Specifically this year 9.3-percent fewer third graders were proficient in English skills.

"Each and every one of our teachers is really an effective reading teacher, make sure they have the competencies and knowledge in the complex science of teaching reading," said McIntyre.

The problem is tougher state standards McIntyre added, saying current testing doesn't show how students perform in the classroom.

It's assessing the challenges ahead as the school bell rings in less than two weeks.

"Focus on things like critical thinking and problem solving and application of knowledge, but you're still doing an A, B, C, D bubble test," he said.

Individual school results will get their results in August.