A Knox County School board member and the State Board of Education hosted a forum Tuesday night to discuss the testing every Knox County student must take.

Mike McMillen said the Board has heard a lot of questions and concerns about standardized testing from parents and teachers. Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Board of Education, Kathleen Airhart, spoke with teachers and parents about what to expect this year on Tuesday.

Airhart said even though teachers are operating under Common Core standards, students will take the TCAPs again this year with the exception of social studies.

The new social studies standards were passed by the Board of Education in July 2013. They were originally planned to go into effect for the 2014-2015 school year. Officials said there will be a field test and formal testing will resume in the 2015-2016 school year.

Teachers said it's been hard keeping up with changes from the state and school district.

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"It's very hard. Thankfully a lot of people are sharing information with each other. We are talking with each other and knowing what's going on. I try to stay on top of the legislation that was passed this past year," said Cherry Morgan, Knox County special education teacher.

Knox County school officials said one of the most common concerns among parents and teachers at the meeting were about the K-2 assessment, or the SAT-10. The test continues to be the district's decision whether or not to offer it.

Teachers say they don't believe it should be used as a form of a teacher evaluation if it's not required by the state.

State officials said they will take the concerns from the meeting and will look into them further in Nashville.