After 8 years of raising money, a nonprofit has opened a new facility in Oak Ridge.

Emory Valley Center held a ribbon cutting ceremony Friday morning to celebrate its new facility.

The nonprofit will provide a variety of services in the new building ranging from adult day services to medical assistance.

"We have an onsite medical facility where we have a nurse practitioner who comes in weekly to see people. We have a podiatrist who comes in. we have several therapists who come in. we're working on trying to get dental care as well as some psychiatric care onsite. The facility is beautiful," President of Emory Valley Center, Jennifer Nederson said.

Emory Valley Center has been helping meet the needs of people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities in East Tennessee for more than 62 years.

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The nonprofit had to move out of its long-time building on Emory Valley Road in Oak Ridge because the building was old and too expensive to maintain.

The new building is also on Emory Valley Road.