The site of the historic Christenberry House has been sold for $1 million, more than a year after the couple who owned it had the old Kingston Pike home demolished.

Knox County records show that John and Paula Chesworth sold the 3222 Kingston Pike house on Nov. 18 to KPZP, LLC, formerly known as the Kingston Pike Zoning Preservation.

Rich Tierney is listed as registered agent and managing member for KPZN. He also owns of Sequoyah Hills Realty.

The Chesworths bought the property in April 2015 for $835,000.

A month later demolition crews tore down the red-tiled H.E. Christenberry House, which dated to the 1920s.

At the time, the husband and wife team said they wanted to save the house but that it was not possible.

"We did not buy the house with the intention to knock the house down," Paul Chesworth said in a statement to 10News in May 2015. "However, after purchasing the house and having it inspected by experts, damage caused by flooding, mold, and generally being left uninhabited for so many years was so extreme that we were advised that renovating the house would be cost prohibitive.

"My wife and I believe we made the best decision for our family. While this family home unfortunately could not be saved by us, we are looking forward to building our family home here and continue to support our Knoxville community in various other ways."