People at one Knox County polling place are concerned after someone put up fake signs to fool voters early this morning.

Nissa Dahlin-Brown works at the Howard Baker Center on UT's campus, which is a voting location for many students.

When she arrived at the center, she noticed several fake flyers depicting a photo of Hillary Clinton with the message: "Save time. Avoid the line. Vote from home." The message included directions to text Hillary to a cell phone number to cast your ballot.

"Considering we are a polling place it worried me that people might think they can just go online and vote and they can't, certainly not in Tennessee," said Dahlin-Brown.

The only way to cast your ballot in Tennessee is at a designated polling location, either on election day or in the designated early voting period.

Some UT students felt targeted by the signs.

"The fact they put these here on a college campus, assuming that students and young people wouldn't know better and trying to mislead us, and yeah, that just makes it even worse," said UT student Feroza Freeland.

No one knows where the signs came from, or when they were put up. Dahlin-Brown said they weren't there last night. They were taken down by 8:30 this morning.

If you encounter something unusual like this when you are voting, please share it with us on social media using #VerifyVotes.