It’s been nearly ten months, but the family of a missing Morristown woman continues to hold out hope for her safe return.

24-year-old Inesha Haygood was last seen walking from her home on December 29th last year with an unknown man.

Nearly a month later, her family received an anonymous tip saying she was dumped in a section of the Cherokee Reservoir.

That tip did not lead to her body.

In April, Police arrested her boyfriend, Simeon Mendoza. He is facing charges for lying to officers when she disappeared. Mendoza is set to go before a grand jury in January.

Saturday night, her family and friends gathered together for a candlelight vigil.

“Just don't give up, because if it was vice versa they wouldn’t give up on you, no matter what kind of person you are or what you've been through, or their background, they wouldn't give upon you, its family, blood is thicker than water, got to keep prayer,” said Inesha’s brother, Emanuel.

Songs and prayers brought comfort to the Haygood family.

“This is a reminder we ain't forgot about her, we still love her and miss her,” said Emanuel.
The long months have been extremely tough for Haygood’s daughter.

"She misses her, its hard because she sees everybody else with their momma,” said Emanuel.

The family’s fight isn’t over, they will continue to search for answers and do

“They [law enforcement] aren't going to look as hard as we are, as in as many places or put as many hours in as we are because its family,” said Emanuel

"I'd like to see her be alive and be okay, but honestly in reality I don't think she is, because I know my sister, I don't feel in my heart that she’s okay, but I wish she was and I pray that she is.”

If you have any information on Inesha’s disappearance call the anonymous tip line at 423-585-1833