A family in Knox County is reunited with their dog, Brownie, after a year of being apart.

The Young-Williams Animal Center posted the reunion on their Instagram account Tuesday that shows Brownie smiling the moment he saw his family.

"It's super exciting to have him back home, he's back like he never left actually," said Brownie's owner Jenae Jackson.

Jackson and her family were on their way to Young Williams Animal Center to check out another similar looking dog when they found Brownie waiting for them. It was a coincidence they reunited right then and there.

"This poster wasn't him but when we went he was actually there," Jackson said in amazement.

Brownie's microchip aided the reunion.

"That's going to be the fastest way to ensure your pet gets home, is to make sure it's microchipped," said Dr. Lisa Chassy, the Medical Director at YWAC.

Microchips are easy to implant and will never turn off.

"As long as you keep it up to date with your address and phone number and anytime you move and change phones then they can reunite you with your pet," Dr. Chassy added.

If you have a lost pet in Knox County, you can go to the YWAC location on Division Street between noon and 6 p.m. to report or look for your pet.

YWAC posts photos of stray pets here. Photos are posted as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of the animal’s arrival.

The Young-Williams staff had named Brownie "Havoc" while he was in their care. Now that he's back home, Brownie has resumed his name and his place with his family.

Martin family reunited after one year apart from their dog Havoc. <3 If you have lost a pet in Knox County, you need to come to Young-Williams Animal Center’s Division Street location between the hours of noon to 6 p.m. to report and look for your pet. Also, Young-Williams Animal Center posts photos of stray pets on our website at: www.young-williams.org/i-lost-my-pet/current-strays-2/ Photos are posted as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of the animal’s arrival. Even so, we still ask that you come to shelter at least every other day. We cannot identify a lost pet by phone. #ywac

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