Three thousand people will visit the Great Smoky National Park this weekend for a unique experience: the synchronous firefly show.

The park is averaging about 1500 people per night for the firefly show.

"We have people from 45 different states who have the pass to take them in to see the fireflies," Dana Soehn with the Great Smoky National Park said. "We have people who have traveled as far from Alaska, California, Texas and Maine that are making their way here for 1 of the 8 nights during the firefly viewing."

The increase in visitors also boosts the economy.

"They are coming into town to buy food, they are coming into town to do some of the attractions and this is a big boost," Soehn said.

Even people from nearby places like Chattanooga traveled to the park for the weekend. Brittany Mixon is one of the many people wanting to support the area not only for the fireflies, but for November 2016's wildfires in Sevier County.

"I've been coming since the fires trying to make an economic impact on Sevier County and we come to shop, stay in the hotels, eat food and spend as much money as we can," Mixon said. "Instead of just coming up for one night we decided to stay for two to give more money to the community."

Laura Huber and her friend, Pam Prince, traveled from Atlanta for the same reason.

"It was heartbreaking to watch the fires and we just wanted to support it someway so I'm glad to get up here because I wanted to do that," Huber said.

As the fireflies come back this time every year, so will their fans to see the incredible, green glow.

"The synchronous fireflies are definitely, certainly special," Soehn said.