(WBIR - Knoxville) A last-second goal by Portugal stole a win from USA in Sunday night's World Cup match, 2-2.

Fans crowded inside the Crown & Goose in the Old City for a watch party hosted by the American Outlaws: Knoxville Chapter.

"I've seen a ton of passion, just from everybody. Everybody's excited about the game. It's an awesome atmosphere," said Matt Warren, with the Knoxville Chapter.

Within the last year-and-a-half, the group has grown to about 150 members, dedicated to cheering on Team USA.

"Were going to be looking for a little bit more possession from our team. More importantly, we're going to be looking for passion out of our members here," said Drew Whorley, with the group.

Portugal scored within the first few minutes, leaving fans still waiting for the USA to make it on the scoreboard during the half.

"We just had a little fluke in the beginning with that header coming in from Portugal. Nobody was blocking that back post," said Gabe Velarde, who was watching the match at Crown & Goose.

Kaci Murley went on to say, "We've got a few Portugal fans over here. It's kind of making me nervous. But the hype and excitement, it's a lot of fun so far."

It was not long after the second half started that USA fans had a reason to cheer. USA scored its first goal, followed by a second later on.

But within the last 30 seconds of the match, Portugal pulled out a goal, ending the match in draw.

At least two people were happy about the tie, including Raquel Batista who is from Portugal, studying in Knoxville for the summer.

"It was nerve wrecking. It was really awful for us. We're used to being surrounded by Portuguese and they're (pointing to some U.S. fans) like crazy," she said.

Even without a win, some fans think its secured USA's place in the spotlight.

"Seeing a comeback also leaves something in the gut of the American people where they'll want to watch it again next World Cup and with even higher hopes," said Samuel Chun.

USA plays against Germany on Thursday afternoon.