Linda Roberts spent Tuesday morning picking produce for her family and helping Century Harvest Farms in Greenback at the same time.

"It's the four of us," said Roberts. "I like just being in the sun."

She's part of the One for One program - a partnership that helps limited resource families get food.

Of the produce she picks, half goes to her family, half to the farm.

"Oh I love green beans," said Roberts. "Tomatoes I don't like, but my parents like them so I thought I'd get them a couple."

The Tennessee Valley Coalition for the Homeless partnered with Century Harvest Farms to help Linda's family and others.

"Rural food insecurity is real," said project manager Jen Patterson. "By creating this program, we're allowing people to be empowered."

The program gives people confidence in their work ethic.

"I would be lost without what I've learned, for sure," said Roberts. "It's saved my life, really."

Once Linda gets that food, she also learns to cook it through the program.

"We've found that most of the people who come out and pick feel much better and are eating healthier foods," said Chris Burger, owner of Century Harvest Farms. "They're getting good exercise and they're simply increasing their wellness."

That complete approach - from picking to eating - brings out the best in everybody.

"Together, we collectively can begin to change the face of what our region looks like for those that are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of becoming homeless," said Stanley Taylor, COO of the Tennessee Valley Coalition for Homelessness.

The Tennessee Valley Coalition for Homelessness received the money for the three-month program from the Trinity Foundation.

If it's successful, the group hopes to expand it to the 12 counties they serve.