(WBIR-Jamestown) After a year worth of investigation, six teams of law enforcement, coming as far as Johnson City and even Chattanooga, will attempt to arrest more than 50 people in Fentress County during a drug sweep Thursday.

The name, appropriately with Thursday's date: "Operation May Day."

Fentress County Sheriff Tony Choate said all these cases involve drugs, mainly pills and morphine.

"Most of these cases have been going on for some time," said Sheriff Choate. "These are not people that started up in the last month, six months or a year. Most of these cases have been going on for a while."

Different agencies, from other police and sheriff departments, to the Drug Enforcement Agency and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation assisted with the deputies.

"We have people in law enforcement at this day in time who are aware of the situation we have in different communities, and they want to make a difference," Sheriff Choate added.

At least 30 people are in custody as of Thursday afternoon.