Fidget Spinners are a new fad that are making their way into the classroom and the playground, leaving some teachers frustrated. 

"It like spins and you can balance it on one thumb," explained Fourth Grader Yonathon Cooper. "When we have recess, that's when I play with it."

Fidget Spinners are toys meant to help students focus who may be easily distracted. 

While students say it's helpful in class, some teachers like ones at West Valley Middle School have banned their use in class, calling them a distraction for other students.

"What we are finding here is that kids are treating them more like toys than actually as a fidget spinner," said West Valley Middle School's Principal David Claxton.

He added that most students are not using the fidget spinners discreetly. 

"What we are seeing is that kids are showing them to their classmates, they are spinning them, trying to do tricks with them, to the point that our teachers are needing them to ask the kids to put them on their desk," Claxton said. 

The teachers decide who can spin and who can't at West Valley Middle School. 

"The vast majority of our children don't need those. We are really seeing it more like a toy," Claxton said. 

Adults are also using fidget spinners to stay focused or as a stress reliever. 

"I run around the house, I see one and I pick it up and I play with them too," said Nicole Cooper, the mother of Yonathon. "When you are nervous they are fun to play with. When you are bored, they are fun to play with."

Cooper said the toy is really helpful for Yonathon, who has ADHD. 

"He is constantly always playing with things so these have come in handy so much this past week so I see it definitely. I can see why parents are getting them for their children," Cooper said. 

Understanding fidget spinners can be a distraction, her kids only use them outside the classroom.

"I don't play with it during class because I don't want to get in trouble," said Yonathon.