A fifth bear is now in the care of The Appalachian Bear Rescue after it was hit by a car near Mount Carmel in Hawkins County Tuesday.

The yearling, named Hawkins Bear, was examined and no fractures were found. However, Hawkins Bear did have multiple scrapes.

ABR curator David Whitehead said Hawkins Bear is in serious, but stable condition and is on pain medication to counter swelling in his brain.

He’s on a restricted diet, but did eat some applesauce with his medicine Wednesday morning.

Hawkins Bear is lethargic from his accident, the stress of rescue and the pain meds, but at this time, ABR curator Whitehead said that’s a good thing.

Hawkins Bear joins four other bears including Summitt, Otto, Rollo and Dani.

Dani Bear ended her confinement in the Acclimation Pen on Monday.

THP troopers arrived on scene first and were able to help save the life of Hawkins Bear. The troopers were presented with a challenge coin for their assist in the rescue.